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Letras de Harry Styles – Acompaña su nueva canción ‘Daylight’ con su letra

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The sun is setting, casting a warm glow on the cityscape below. From my vantage point on the rooftop, I watch as your plane ascends into the sky, carrying you far away from me. My head throbs from a nosebleed, a physical manifestation of the pain I feel inside. I search the horizon, hoping to find some sign of hope or joy.

Meanwhile, you're probably just minding your own business, browsing through your daily horoscope, oblivious to my existence. It's like you never really listen to me. Do you even think about me at all?

If only I could transform into a bluebird, I would spread my wings and soar towards you, eager to be by your side. You would be my sweet escape, like a spoon dipped in honey, and I would cling onto you with all my might. But sadly, I'm stuck here, unable to reach you.

The daylight is my enemy, reminding me of how much I miss you. I curse its relentless presence, longing for the darkness where I can hide my heartache. Sleep eludes me as I lay awake, consumed by thoughts of you.

And yet, in the heart of New York, I am trying to pick up the pieces and move on. The rush of adrenaline from the come down of whatever high I had been chasing numbs the pain for a moment. We used to ride our bicycles together, dreaming of the endless possibilities in life. But now, I find myself asking, "Is there really life out there for me without you?"

But you hold the antidote to my pain, or so I thought. You were my cure, my everything. And now, I'm left lost and empty, desperately searching for a way to heal. Maybe, just maybe, you'll realize how much you miss me too. But until then, I'll continue calling out for you, hoping that someday you'll come back to me, and we can bask in the daylight together once again.


I'm on the roof,

You’re in your airplane seat,

I was nose bleeding,

Looking for life out there,

Reading your horoscope,

You were just doing cocaine in my kitchen,

You never listen,

I hope you're missing me by now.

If I was a bluebird,

I would fly to you,

You’d be the spoon,

Dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you.


You got me cursing the daylight,


You got me cursing the daylight.


You've got me calling at all times,

Ain't gonna sleep 'til the daylight.

Out of New York,

I’m on the come down speed,

We're on bicycles,

Saying there's life out there.

You've got the antidote,

I'll take one to go, go please,

Get the picture,

Cut out...

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En la cima
En tu asiento de avión
Sangrando por la nariz
Explorando el mundo
Leyendo tu horóscopo
Consumiendo cocaína en mi cocina
Ignorando mis palabras
Espero que sientas mi ausencia
Si fuera un ave azul, volaría hacia ti
Serás mi cuchara
Endulzado con miel para pegarme a ti
Maldito sea el sol del día (Ooh)
Incesante sol del día (Ooh)
Siempre te llamo en el día (Ooh)
No descansaré hasta el amanecer (Ooh)
Fuera de Nueva York
Descendiendo a toda velocidad
Paseando en bicicleta
Descubriendo la vida ahí fuera
Tú tienes el control


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