apogee duet vs rme babyface

Apogee Duet Vs Rme Babyface

Hence, I am the owner of a Motu M2. Lately, I have traded and acquired an SSL 2 as well. Both of them were much to my liking. However, I am considering an upgrade that will elevate my recordings to a higher level. I have been considering the RME Babyface Pro FS, Apogee Duet 3, Motu Ultralite MK5, Antelope Audio Zen Go, and Arturia Audiofuse. Has anyone had any experience with these interfaces? Do any of them need to be connected to a power outlet? The price of the RME is most likely beyond my budget. Are these interfaces truly that much better in terms of quality compared to what I currently have? I initially believed that the preamps and converters on the M2 and SSL 2 were good, but the more I research, the more I realize that they are considered budget interfaces. Any assistance or recommendations?

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